George van Engers

PHP Software engineer

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Personal Details

  • Age: 35 years
  • Nationality: Dutch

About Me

I've been developing php since i was about 11 years old. I think that was just around the beginning of php 4. I've been interested in creating custom made e-commerce systems at that time already. When Php 5 came out things started to get really interested with databases and much more stuff.

Around the age of 15 i got my first real client. And from there on things took a serious turn. I started my own business at the age of 19 and took on all sorts of minor and medium clients during my education at the Windesheim.
I came in touch with PrestaShop somewhere around 2012. But before that i've worked a lot with WooCommerce, VirtueMart, X-cart and also many custom made E-commerce systems.

For PrestaShop clients i've made a lot of API connections, XML/JSON,CSV import and export modules for suppliers, cash register programs, PIM systems, ERP systems and much more. My focus has mainly been on the back-end of the systems, but i've also made a fare share of front-end changes and custom modules for clients.

What i enjoy the most is when a client really needs something custom made. I like to think with the client and come up with a solution that fits their needs. I'm not afraid to take on a challenge and i'm always looking for new things to learn.

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Worked at

From Jul 2015 To Present

(9 Years 0 Months)

de WebSmid Zwolle, The Netherlands

Backend PHP PrestaShop developer

Developing custom made modules for PrestaShop. Creating custom connections with ERp, PIM, Cash registers and other supplier related imports and exports.

From Aug 2012 To Jun 2017

(4 Years 10 Months)

E-business Solutions The Netherlands

PHP developer

Developing custom made modules for WordPress, WooCommerce, VirtueMart and PrestaShop. Creating and maintaining PrestaShop, VirtueMart, WooCommerce and WordPress installations

From May 2012 To Aug 2012

(0 Years 3 Months)

E-active Zwolle, The Netherlands

Intern PHP developer (HBO Windesheim)

Developing and maintaining a PHP Zend application

From Sep 2009 To Present

(14 Years 10 Months)

GP WebTech The Netherlands, International

PHP engineer and Entrepreneur

Started freelance php software development self-employment

From Feb 2006 To Sep 2009

(3 Years 7 Months)

SturdiProducts, Inc USA and Remotely

PHP developer

Developing and maintaining an X-cart (php) webshop for selling petcarriers online. Two 6-weeks visits to the USA

Education & Certificates

Skills & Languages



  • EnglishEnglish: Advanced
  • SpanishDutch: Native
Also familiar with the following technologies, techniques and tools:
Git Svn Xml Xsd Csv Json Xsd Yaml Xlf Nodejs REST SOAP DDD TDD AMQP CQRS oAuth Smarty Twig Razor Selenium ChatGPT Clipdrop Supervisor Linux Azure PhpStorm Photoshop
And also eager to learn new technologies and techniques!


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